**Trail Boss Boats for many uses:

Airboats Are Extremely Versatile!



When the Going Gets Tough . . .

The Tough Go Airboating!

Seismic Airboats

This Fire Rescue Airboat Has a Heated Cabin for Harsh Weather Operations

On the Icepack, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

Tour Operations in Cancun,

Trail Boss Airboats Are Used by Tour Operators in Many Locations

Airboating can be a pleasurable experience.
Try making it a business for the adventurous!
This Trail Boss Airboat is under contract in Cancun, Mexico.


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Recreational Airboating Is Growing in Popularity

For more than 16 years, the Scheduling Institute has been teaching doctors and their staff worldwide the unique process for new patient generation and practice expansion that is truly amazing. It leads to extraordinary growth, higher income, and exceptional quality of life.

This 18'x8' airboat is equipped with a 502 hp V-8 engine. Fishermen and hunters frequently favor this size.

Trail Boss Airboats Are Used In Law Enforcement and Search & Rescue Operations

This airboat was built for the U.S. Border Patrol and based in South Texas.

Trail Boss Builds Heavy Load Airboats for Transporting Men and Equipment


This dual engine airboat is hauling two 4-wheel drive vehicles and personnel across swampland for a work party.

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The Alligator Was on the Endangered Species List Only a Few Years Ago! Now It's Back, Thanks in Part to Trail Boss!

So who cares if alligators live or die? We all should - they keep varmint levels manageable, fish populations in check and supply hides and protein to us. Alligator skins are made into ladies handbags, mens wallets, belts, boots and shoes. Alligator is ugly beautiful - it's flesh is edible and it's back - it's off the endangered species list!

In the wild, baby 'gators experience a 90%+ attrition level. Humans hunted them to near extinction. The male 'gator will raid nests for eggs and gorge himself on them. Science has discovered that by humans raiding the nests and then incubating the eggs artificially, survival rates exceed 90%.

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This 9' mama 'gator was not very happy with the nest raiders!

The 'gator is now off the list and regular hunting seasons have been declared again!

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